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A lifelong outdoorsman, writer, artist, and lure craftsman, Conor Sullivan holds a Bachelors in Marine Science from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, a Masters in Marine Affairs from the University of Rhode Island, as well as a 200-ton Master Mariners license. Conor is a freelance writer to numerous outdoor magazines and has worked in and around all sectors of the fishing industry, possessing in-depth knowledge of fisheries harvesting and management. As a Coast Guard Officer, he served in numerous leadership positions, including as the Commanding Officer of the North Pacific Regional Fisheries Training Center in Kodiak, Alaska, and as the Captain of a Coast Guard Cutter in the North Atlantic and specializes in fisheries conservation, search and rescue, and maritime law enforcement. He and his wife Renee have three wonderful kids who enjoy the wild side of the world as well.

When not on the water, you can catch him on social media @sullivanlures.

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